Get treated, right from your phone.
Our Dermatologists are available to treat you
remotely for only $95.


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(Available on iOS and Android Devices)


We will guide you through the process and collect information about your medical concern.


Our Clinicians will provide a diagnosis and detailed treatment plan. Pick up necessary prescriptions from your pharmacy of choice.

If you encounter any difficulties downloading the app or pairing with Johnson County Dermatology, please contact us at

about virtual visits

We understand that making a trip to a clinic is not always convenient and in some cases, your condition can be handled remotely at a time that is ideal for you.

Our Virtual Visits service offers patients the ability to get treated via their smartphone for one of a range of conditions for only $95 per virtual visit.

After downloading the app, you will be guided through a virtual consult where you will answer questions, provide a medical history and (in some cases) take photos of your skin. One of our dermatologists will review your case and recommend a course of action, sending any prescriptions directly to your pharmacy of choice.

If your concern is not suitable for a virtual visit you will not be charged or will be refunded. We can help you schedule an in-person appointment if you are interested.  


Please note virtual visits are not appropriate for urgent conditions or emergencies.  Virtual visits may be submitted after hours but will be handled by our office during business hours.

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Conditions Treated

Athlete’s Foot or Ringworm
Cold Sores
Dry or Itchy Skin
Excessive Sweating
Eyelash Thinning
Hair Loss
Other Bite or Sting
Poison Oak or Ivy
Tick Bite